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What are the RA and RF citizens mostly concerned about or what do they complain about?

The distrust towards the internal policy of the authorities is more acute in Russia than in Armenia


Through comparative analysis method we will sound out the similarities and differences pertaining to social-political life in general among the citizens of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation.

In Armenia the policy of the new government is generally welcomed by the citizens. The reforms in the health and social welfare sphere; free medical treatment for certain category of people, lowering of prices for certain types of surgeries, raising the minimum threshold of pension, lowering the amount of mandatory funded pension contributions, etc. have significantly extenuated the previous tidal waves.
Our citizens are mainly concerned about the border security, corruptions in a number of areas, garbage removal, urban transport reforms, gas, light and water tariffs, etc.  Back in the day the emigration that caused concerns, no longer reaches alarming numbers. There are some complaints regarding getting a job with some professions.
As to the external policy, the opinions are almost identical; the citizens definitely appraise the compound external policy of Armenia. There are several complaints regarding the sale of weapons to Azerbaijan by some CSTO countries.  

And what is the overall picture in Russia? The social-economic situation in the country is getting weaker and it has resulted in the distrust of the citizens towards the activities of the government and the president. Russians mainly complain about the inflation and drop of income, unemployment and omissions in the social defense system.  

One of the main reasons for dissatisfaction in Russia is the pension reform, according to which they have increased the retirement age. It was the pension reform that became the driving force behind the mass discontents that led to both drop of income, unemployment and stagnation of economy. Those that complain of the economic policy insist that disproportionate costs are made on war, ammunition and officials. On the other hand, Russians become more concerned about the propaganda of patriotism, confrontation with the West, militarization, unique role of Russia, national traditions and worshipping conservative spiritual values. Recently protests demanding free Interned and media have also have become more often.  

The population is becoming more concerned about the international isolation of Russia and the sanctions. Initially the mentioned actions were perceived as manifestations of Russiafobia and related to the prominent figures, but lately people have come to realize that it results in unemployment, the economy is stagnated, and the economic problems in the country redouble. As to the euphoria related to annexation of Crimea in the beginning, one may say that it is over. On the one hand it has led to the increase of collective self-esteem and pride and on the other hand an increase in anxiety, uncertainty and concern that the growing conflict between Russia and USA, Russia and NATO may result in the real war. The traumatic experience of Afghan, Chechen and even the Great Patriotic War prompts people that the ambitions of the authorities or the corporate interests of individual groups (generals, nationalists, propaganda machines) can turn into nationwide tragedy.

Summing up one can say that the complaints in both countries are of social-economic nature.  It can be said that Russians have no concerns for border security, while the issue of Artsakh is on the agenda for the Armenian society.  The distrust towards the internal policy of the authorities is more acute in Russia than in Armenia. As to the external policy, in Armenia most of the time the population endorses the approach of the authorities which cannot be said for Russia.

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